• Helping Consultants And Experts Get Ideal Clients. Consistently.

    Dov Gordon helps consultants and experts get ideal clients. Consistently. For the millions who are not the charismatic guru type - Dov helps them get great projects, with great clients, earning a great income. After years of selling his manual - How to Systematically and Consistently Attract First-Rate Clients - you can get it free at https://DovGordon.net/ManualFree There are millions and millions of consultant/coaches who are really good at what they do. But they're not charismatic guru types. And they never want to be. They LOVE their work. And all they want is a consistent flow of great clients. Clients who value their expertise, AND who value who they are as people. And pay them well for it. Dov and his small team take a tactic-agnostic approach. They help you build a strong strategic foundation and to apply to it to build a simple, client-getting system that is best for YOU. Dov has been a guest on The Art of Charm, John Jantch's Duct Tape Marketing podcast, Jeff Goins's podcast and dozens of others. You can learn more about Dov's work at https://dovgordon.net Original Air Date: July 15, 2019
  • Ep 359: Google My Business Suspensions and Q&A Issues, Mueller Files, and Questions Answered

    The hosts discuss Google My Business’s recent issues causing a myriad of problems for business owners. They follow up with set-SEO-straight tips from John Mueller, and questions from SEO 101 listeners. Ross also announced the new SEO 101 Show Notes Newsletter. Original Air Date: July 15, 2019
  • How Pages Blocked by Robots.txt Are Ranked And Site UX Can Impact Your Google Rankings

    Google’s John Mueller recently explained how query relevancy is determined for pages blocked by robots.txt. It has been stated that Google will still index pages that are blocked by robots.txt. But how does Google know what types of queries to rank these pages for? Dejan posted a Twitter poll the other day and it received almost 600 responses from within the SEO community. The question was "Good UX impacts rankings." The responses available were "directly," "indirectly," or "neither." Google's John Mueller said it is best to be consistent with your URL structure and either choose to use slashes after the URL or not to use slashes after the URL. Try not to use both formats if possible. He posted this on Twitter when asked about slashes after URLs "The best solution is to be consistent and only use one version of a URL. Link to that version, redirect to it, use it in sitemaps, use it for rel-canonical, etc." Some searchers in India are noticing that when you enter a query into Google that has no matches and Google has no idea what you are looking for, Google will show you a section called "some popular queries." Original Air Date: July 11, 2019
  • Bot Fraud Is Coming To Mobile And Apps--Are You Ready?

    Bot fraud—perpetrated by automated software agents capable of interacting with content, advertising and offers in a human-like way—is growing in size and sophistication as cybercriminals shift attacks and tactics from online to mobile. To prepare marketers for the battle looming on mobile our host Peggy Anne salz catches up with Paul Mueller, CTO and Co-Founder of Adjust, a global mobile measurement and anti-fraud company whose clients include NBCUniversal, Procter & Gamble, Pinterest and Tencent Games. Paul shares how Adjust is equipping marketers to battle bots—thanks to tech that detects bots by focusing on the data that bots can’t fake, such as pressure on the screen and the motion of the device. He also details the damage bot fraud is causing companies in finance, gaming and retail, and provides best practice around what marketers need to know (and watch) to safeguard their businesses and brand trust. Original Air Date: July 10, 2019
  • Word Around the Campfire - WordPress news & WCEU update for July 2019

    "In this episode of PressThis, we do our monthly ""Word Around the Campfire"" episode where we review news and updates from the WordPress community. For our July 2019 update we cover updates from WCEU which was held in Berlin as well as huge changes happening in the WordPress ecosystem, like WP Engine's acquistion of Flywheel and much more. If you're looking to keep up with the latest news in WordPress, listen to this episode of PressThis now!" Original Air Date: July 9, 2019
  • The Rise Of Woman In Corporate Boardrooms

    Laura Berger, PCC has captivated and inspired tens of thousands of leaders and professional superstars to balance peak performance with a gratifying life. Her mission has spread prolifically through her dynamic talks, workshops, media appearances, executive coaching, and bestselling autobiographical jungle caper Radical Sabbatical: A Hilarious Journey from a Stifling Rut to a Life Without Boundaries. Her columns in Forbes, Psychology Today and Huffington Post as well as appearances on ABC, Huffington Post Live, The Dr. Oz Show with Deepak Chopra, CNBC, US News and World Report, Yahoo Finance, Self Magazine, The Miami Herald, and podcasts across the country showcase her Four Pillars of Success to pose tough questions and motivating a-has. Original Air Date: July 8, 2019
  • Google Marketing Live is an essential experience for anyone who works in the PPC trenches

    Frederick Vallaeys returns to PPC Rockstars to explain how Google Ads will continue to change at a breakneck pace and introduce changes that can make or break a PPC pro’s next few months. It’s essential to stay on top of what is announced by Google at their premier event for marketers. More context is here. Original Air Date: July 4, 2019
  • Web 3 & WordPress: Preparing for the next futre of digital with Pragmatic's David Lockie

    "The digital world is changing. Fast. The next evolution of the web and WordPress will open up all new experiences you can use to delight and surprise your audience in ways that deliever more value to the visitor and the businesses that serve them than ever before. In this episode of PressThis, we interview WordPress futurist and owner of the advanced WordPress agnecy Pragmatic David Lockie about Web 3 and the future of digital. Web 3 technologies are either already here or on the horizon such as AR, AI, bots, 5G, edge computing, blockchain, and many more. Together these technologies present huge opportunities to innovate and drive growth. For many brands,Web 3 offers powerful tools which are delivering value now; however, for many other brands these technolgies are currently out of reach. David explores his ideas on how brands can take advantage of Web 3 today and for those not ready to take advantage , David shares what you can do to prepare for the next generation of digital. Don't miss this chance to learn about the future of digital and what you can do to leverage this amazing new world and deliver awe inspiring experiences your customers will love and drive unique and powerful value for your business. Listen now!" Original Air Date: July 3, 2019
  • Forget Industry Benchmarks - Your Online Competitors Are Now Exposed

    What if you could see the analytics of any of your competitors' websites? Mike Roberts (@mrspy) is the Founder and CEO of SpyFu and Nacho Analytics. He’s also one of the most interesting people in online marketing. A digital marketing pirate, if you will. Mike founded Nacho Analytics because he’s passionate about the bootstrapper entrepreneurs of the world. You know - the people grinding away drinking coffee at midnight. He wanted to empower them, to disrupt the system. So now, Mike is making data and analytics broadly available for everyone. In this episode, you’ll hear why he's pricing this so anyone can access it, and what Google said when they learned he was pumping his data into Google Analytics for easy access. Original Air Date: July 3, 2019
  • Product is the New Marketing—so put your app first

    App marketing campaigns stand or fall on the strength of mobile ad creatives. But your entire business will fail if your app doesn’t deliver compelling value in the first place. How do you develop an app that inspires your users? When should you pivot to take your app to the next level? Why should you build ecosystems, not standalone apps? We continue our ongoing “product-first series with Jordan Gurrieri, Co-Founder & COO of Blue Label Labs. Jordan shares advice and anecdotes, providing you a practical how-to guide to building a genuinely useful app—the first step to acquiring highly valuable users. Listen in to learn more about you can achieve the product fit, and choose the right platforms, that power growth. Original Air Date: July 3, 2019
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