• Google's Mortgage Calculator And Commodity Content

    Google has upgraded the built-in tool that shows up in search results for the query “mortgage calculator.” Now, the tool has many of the key features that were missing from the previous version of Google’s mortgage calculator. Commodity content is content that is used across a wide range of sites. For example, content that is pulled by a feed by an affiliate can be seen as commodity content. In the example above, it’s government jobs that are available. There are many solutions for pulling a feed and automatically displaying the information on a website. It can help a publisher scale their publishing while also automating it. The downside is that these solutions are available to other publishers as well. A new study suggests the performance of virtual assistants, like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, may have plateaued. Perficient Digital released its annual evaluation of virtual assistants. Perhaps the most interesting finding is that none of the top virtual assistants are improving when it comes to answering questions accurately. Not only are they not improving, but the accuracy of every virtual assistant dropped slightly compared to last year’s study. This may be an indication that these technologies have reached their limit, says Eric Enge of Perficient Digital. Original Air Date: December 5, 2019
  • Building a Powerful Remote Workforce Culture with Joe Howard of WP Buffs

    "As many of us in the WordPress ecosystem know, finding the right talent located in your home town is often very difficult. In order to get around this, agencies and brands build remote teams filled with people from all around the world. While this gives us an advantage by allowing us to attract great talent, building a powerful culture with far flung team members is a huge challenge! In this episode of PressThis, we interview Joe Howard of WP Buffs around building a powerful remote workforce culture. Joe shares his thoughts on the strengths & weaknesses of remote teams, how to ensure you build a powerful culture, and what you can do as an individual if you find yourself on a remote team. Joe runs WPBuffs which is a WordPress services based business that helps business maintain and optimize their WordPress sites. The WPBuff's partially remote-workforce must run at maximum efficiency and collaboration in order to keep customers happy. Listen now to hear Joe's working-remote war stories and learn advice on building a powerful remote workforce culture! " Original Air Date: December 3, 2019
  • SEO 101 Ep 369: Bedlam Continues in Local SEO Results

    Ross and guest co-host Scott Van Achte discuss the latest global search market share statistics, Christmas ads, when to act on bad links, Google Maps user profile SPAM reporting, and a lot about the significant havoc within Google’s local SEO results in November. Lastly, they answer a few questions from listeners that were posted on the SEO 101 Podcast Facebook group. Original Air Date: December 2, 2019
  • Go-To-Market Strategies And Growth In China: Positioning Your Company On The Right Side Of Opportunity

    Businesses must weather a challenging climate to penetrate the Chinese market with their tech, but the pay-off has never been higher. At one level, China is an attractive market to foreign tech and home to an urban middle class expected to account for 70% of the population by 2030. At the other end of the spectrum, China is striking out in new directions, entering new markets -- and winning. Whether the goal is to partner with Chinese tech leaders going global or identify tactics to target Chinese consumers, David Sullivan, Founder & Managing Director of Alliance Development Group (ADG), covers all the critical go-to-market questions. David has over 25 years of experience assisting Western technology companies with Asia and China strategy, growth, corporate development, business development, and operations. He discusses the opportunities and roadblocks in the Chinese market today and offers advice to mobile tech companies concerned about protecting their IP in China. Finally, David shares how ADG qualifies targets and drives the entire in-country business development and technical cooperation process for an impressive and growing roster of clients. Original Air Date: December 2, 2019
  • Understanding Marketing Through Time, Expertise, and Interest

    Having a true understanding of your target customer is the first step in building an effective marketing plan. How are they spending their time? Are they able to use the time they have to focus on their area of expertise? And do they have an interest in doing even better work? Come to think of it, we could ask these same questions of ourselves. It’s a full-circle approach that leads to better clarity about our target audience, enabling a more robust and focused marketing strategy. In this episode, Josh Thomas, Director of Marketing at Outbound Engine, shares how these three pillars inform their marketing strategy while also serving as the marketing solution for the customers. Listen in as Josh breaks down the dichotomy of marketing Outbound Engine’s marketing software solution. Original Air Date: November 27, 2019
  • Unconversion Rate Optimization (uCRO) - Making Money from Visitors Who Do Nothing

    "For those of us building and optimizing websites, we often fret over how we're going to convince visitors to take an action that drives value. We tweak designs and messages to get visitors to complete an ecommerce checkout, fill out a lead form, or view more pages to drive more ad revenue. Did you know that you can also drive substantial value by convincing vistors to do nothing at all? In this episode of PressThis we explore how you can embrace the concept of un-conversion rate optimization to reduce cancels, alieviate refund requests, reduce your support costs, and any number of other ways to encourage valuable inaction. If you're focusing all your time on the normal aspects of CRO, you're missing out on huge ways to grow. Quit leaving money on the table, and listen to this epiosode of PressThis now!" Original Air Date: November 26, 2019
  • The Smart Way To Combat Mobile Ad Fraud – And Other Essential Marketing Shortcuts

    App campaigns that achieve maximum reach and impact are obviously a huge win for marketers. But they’re often associated with a steep learning curve when it comes to choosing the right KPIs or rejecting the right traffic. We get an insider’s view on this and more from Mikhail Biteryakov, Traffic Manager and Analyst at Joom, a fast-growing e-commerce marketplace headquartered in Russia. Mikhail, who goes by Mike, speaks candidly about his personal journey from a focus on UX to a passion for data-driven marketing. Mike, a Mobile Hero recognized for his app marketing achievements, provides his pick of strategies marketers can take to achieve success and the approaches they can use to fight mobile ad fraud and win. He also talks about the future of marketing and why dynamic creatives are the one to watch. Original Air Date: November 21, 2019
  • Audio News Aggregation And Google Maps

    Google has launched what it calls “Your News Update,” an audio news feed that you access through the Google Assistant. Sources, which Google paid to license, include ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN, AP, Politico, USAToday and many others — though apparently not NPR. Google has updated its video structured data help document with new information on some of the latest enhancements to video search results. The updated document has details on how to mark timestamps on YouTube videos, how to monitor performance in Search Console, and more screenshots to show the new structured data types in action. Mike Blumenthal posted a screen shot on Twitter showing a possible sign that Google My Business may be experimenting with doing its own booking or reservation system or engine. He showed that under the booking tab, that Google was listed as a provider. Original Air Date: November 21, 2019
  • 10 Critical UX Heuristics You can Use to Build Better Websites with Jackie D'Elia

    "Many of us who build WordPress sites often tout that we deliver amazing user experiences, but we often might not even know what that means. We'll use instinct or ""best practices"" to create what we believe to be a good user experience; however, those promises are often not based on a method and are thin in terms of delivery. In this episode of PressThis, we interview Jackie of UX All The Things about 10 usability heuristics you can use to build sites that are not only beautiful but a joy to use! Jackie shares her thoughts on the UX considerations you should take into account when building sites, and how you can incorporate those considerations into your process. If you're worried your UX promises are a bit empty, listen to this episode of PressThis and up your UX game now!" Original Air Date: November 19, 2019
  • Building Content For All Intents

    Machine learning and entities have given search engines the capacity to better understand not just what a page is about but what various intents a searcher may have. A site owner rarely can create content to satisfy all possible intents and it's important to have methods or at the very least, develop instincts to assess which intents the engines are going to weight most heavily. This session looks at the principles behind how the engines accomplish this, but more importantly - how site owners and SEOs can use this information to generate content strategies and page layouts to maximize their own probability of improving their rankings. Original Air Date: November 14, 2019
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