• September 21, 2016

    The Latest Celebrity Fad: Podcasting; If Snooki Can Do It, So Can You

    If Shaq, Snoop Dogg, Joe Budden and Snooki can do it, so can you! These are some of the latest celebrities to jump on the podcasting bandwagon. Shaq even gave up his diamond-encrusted Lakers championship ring for a shot at hosting his own podcast.

    Guess what? You don’t need diamond encrusted rings or celebrity status to host your own podcast. You just need to be able to tell unique stories. With 57 million Americans tuning in to podcasts in the past month, there’s a large audience of people looking for engaging audio content.

    The rise of podcasts has been powered by the growing use of smartphones. 207 million Americans now own a smartphone, up from 14% in 2010. Our smartphones have made podcasts available at home or on-the-go. We can listen to podcasts in the car, while taking a bus ride, while exercising, during walks, etc. Podcasts can travel anywhere our smartphones travel and Americans are tuning in.

    Celebrity Status Not Required

    I know what you’re thinking, “only a celebrity would have the time, money and resources to host their own podcast.” There’s production, editing and syndication. You’ll also need voiceover talent, a production calendar and a promotional plan. Which is all very true. However, podcasting does not have to be a difficult undertaking.

    Remember, in order to succeed at podcasting, you just need to tell unique stories.You don’t need a production team, fancy editing software or a marketing agency to win at podcasting. Why? Because there’s someone that can do all of that for you.

    WebmasterRadio.FM can easily get you set-up with your own 30-minute show. With editors, producers and co-hosts provided, all you have to do is show up. Shows can be pre-recorded or hosted live and are syndicated on iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud and YouTube. The show will also be promoted across search and social, so you can focus on more important tasks.

    Hosting your own podcast doesn’t have to be difficult. Become your own podcasting celebrity. If Snooki can do it, so can you!