• Amp Up Your Advertising With Audio Programmatic To Reach Highly-Engaged Audiences

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    Thanks to streaming your audience listens to more music and podcasts than ever before. Data from 2017 reveals that users tune in for an average of 33 hours a week in the U.S. alone, and the momentum shows no signs of slowing. Little wonder that audio programmatic--the business benefits and the best ways to buy it--lead the list of hot advertising and marketing trends in 2019. Where is the growth? Who are the players? How can you measure effectiveness? These are just a few of the questions our host Peggy Anne Salz discusses with Jeffrey Mayer, Head of Programmatic at SoundCloud, the world’s largest audio platform and one that has seen an incredible surge in programmatic audio budgets in 2018. Jeffrey discusses the market drivers and updates us on progress following the decision to enter into an ad sales partnership with Pandora--a move that will create the largest ad-supported audio marketplace in the U.S. with an unduplicated audience of more than 100 million users. He also talks about how marketers can make effective audio ads (which are much cheaper than video ads, by the way) and tackle challenges around audience measurement and segmentation.

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