• Content Marketing, Mobile and Links - Whats New in SEO from Pubcon 2014

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    Anne reports some interesting search marketing takeaways from her visit to PubCon 2014 in Las Vegas, that all entrpereneurs should be aware of, including:

  • Authorship influence down entities up.
  • Content marketing is king, not content -- budget as much to market your content as you do to create it.
  • Links remain important, ability to disavow soon to end. Excluding may not work on pages with good links.
  • Be proactive about pages indexed vs pages actually clicked on- dont waste Googles time. Proactively exclude old pages from indexing.
  • Mobile, mobile and more mobile -- create direct contact with your customers via apps.
  • Use research to make your mobile what customers want -- Zillow app a good example.
  • Google is now making customer interface design decisions around smart phones. Serving different content based on device.
  • Dont depend on Google to deliver all your traffic.
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