• Create Your Own Brand Fan Communities With GRABR

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    Our hosts Peggy Anne Salz and Shahab Zargari why it's getting harder for marketers to reach and connect with their communities on social networks like Facebook and why smart brands are harnessing alternative approaches and platforms like GRABR to create their own brand fan communities. Tony Pearce, CEO of GRABR, tells us about his new customer insight and interaction platform, which allows brands to connect directly with consumers in social communities and drive deeper engagement around the content brand fans post and discuss there. To close the loop, GRABR provides marketers valuable insights into the preferences and ultimately purchase intent of brand fans who openly and willingly volunteer this information to the community.

    Tony also shares his top tips for brands (and their agencies) looking for new ways to create and cultivate their own communities, rather than merely be a 'tenant' on Facebook property.

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