• DANGEN ENTERTAINMENT With Nayan Ramachandran

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    Nayan’s first exposure to video games was the Game & Watch in 1986, but it wasn't until a home computer and NES entered his home that he was truly captivated by the medium. By the time he was 10 years old, Nayan was convinced that he didn't just want to play games for the rest of his life, he had to be a part of bringing them to life. Nayan has worked both in development and publishing, as a scenario writer and designer and in marketing and developer relations, respectively. With a wealth of experience both in Japan and in the indie scene, Nayan has developed a keen awareness of the power of a well localized and well marketed game, making him a valuable part of DANGEN ENTERTAINMENT. At DANGEN ENTERTAINMENT  they wear many hats, but there most important role is to help deliver a multitude of great games to as many gamers as possible. The company name comes from the phrase “Dandy Gentlemen,” but it also summarizes their mindset towards games and their creators. 

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