• Give Away Your Legos and Other Secrets to Scaling Big

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    Youre a founder. Can you do it all? Well, no, not unless you want to run a really small company. The secret to scaling big is to know when to let go . . . of control, of your job, of your comfort zone. Anne & Gillian discuss issues raised by Molly Graham, who guided both Facebook and Google through rapid expansion, in a First Round Review article Give Away Your Legos." The article reads

    Being inside a company thats a rocket ship is really cool. There are so many Legos! You could build anything. At the beginning, as you start to scale, everyone has so many Legos to choose from theyre doing 10 jobs and theyre all part of building something important.
    Succeed by letting go and sharing your burdens; a rapidly scaling company is impossible for one person to hold on to. The only way to move on to move on to building bigger and better things, says Graham, you have to give away you job every couple of months. Gillian and Anne guide you through Mollys steps to do this as your company grows.

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