• Happy Birthday Google!

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    Tomorrow is Google's 21st birthday and Google has already released its very own birthday Doodle to celebrate. The Doodle depicts a desktop computer from 1998 and the old Google home page and old Google logo. Google's John Mueller said that if someone takes your image and embeds it on their site using your image URL as the source, also known as hotlinking images, that image would not be considered a link to your web site. So if you take an image from my site, but don't just copy it to your server, instead you request the image from your server, that won't be considered an inbound link. Gary Illyes from Google said last night on Twitter that emailing Google for support with your SEO and your ranking problems in Google never really works. He said "That’s impossible" when someone claimed that emailing Google did help his ranking issues. He joked "Yeah cos emailing google is a great solution" after seeing a photo from a presentation that said "We sent emails to Google staff we knew."

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