• Loads of knowledge on load testing with Kernl.us' Jack Slingerland

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    If you've ever been in position of picking a new host or launching a new version of your website chocked full of all kinds of new content and functionality, you may have have thought to yourself... Will my server *actually* be able to handle my traffic?!?!?

    For many of us, answering this question may often involve looking at log files or Google Analytics to get a feel for our peak traffic and then comparing what our hosting company tells us is the peak load of this server or that one. Of course, that's not good enough!

    The complexity of your site, the actions people take on the site, the number of requests on your database, and any other of number of other factors can greatly affect what "peak performance" means in any particular server environment.

    If you get your load capacity wrong, your site may collapse under the pressure. To make matters even *worse*, when it collapses it will by definition happen at your most profitable moment. Maybe Oprah mentions you on her show, maybe you make the front page of Reddit, or maybe thousands of people are tuning in to your biggest webinar of the year. Whatever it is that creates your most profitable moments, don't get caught unprepared for that success.

    In this episode of PressThis, we interview Kernl.us' Jack Slingerland about how you should be thinking about your load testing strategy. We'll cover the basics of load testing, considerations for what you should cover in your load tests, and explore some of the tools people use for load testing in a WordPress context.

    Don't get caught making excuses when your "Oprah moment" evaporates into thin air. Listen to this episode of PressThis now!

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