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    Host of Business Intentional, Shelby Larson interviews Susanna Spiccia from Reimagine ATL about her amazing Non-Profit that helps the youth in our country have a voice. I first met Susanna at the Spanx headquarters in Atlanta. The Sara Blakely Foundation teamed up with the Center for Civil Innovation and Susanna was one of the awesome female social entrepreneurs doing amazing work.

    I was immediately drawn to Susanna and her organization, especially her vision for No Comment, a news media organization run solely by teens covering topics from teen homelessness, gender challenges, to mental health issues that are currently a struggle for the youth in our society. I wanted to interview her for two reasons:

    Her organization is one that I TRULY believe in and is worth bringing awareness to.
    She has attracted impressive donors, support and celebrity attention for her organization that anyone with a business, especially a non-profit, would LOVE to do.

    You can go to http://businessintentional.com... to learn all about Re-imagine ATL, No Comment and some of Shelby’s top take-aways after sitting on the Maverick 1000 impact board for 2 years and working with all of their cause partners.

    Points of Interest from this episode:

    3:08 - Susanna tells us all about Reimagine ATL

    4:20 - The new launch of NOCO Media (No Comment)

    5:48 - How Six Man got involved with re-imagine ATL

    6:40- Learn why large companies like Turner, Sara Blakely, and the Grammy’s sponser Re- Imagine

    11:05 - Susanna shares how she got the support of national brands

    11:52- How Linkedin helped Susanna reach out

    13:34- How having fun and entertainment makes this organization stand out among the rest when it comes to investors

    16:20- How Susanna brings in investors through sweat equity vs. money and the success that brings

    17:20- The concept behind No Comment Launching April 1st through social media live stream.

    20:30 - How the power of gratitude brings a steady flow of volunteers to her organization. 

    22:00 - Skill-based volunteers vs. Cash donations

    23:34 - How important the ask is when you need something done for your business

    24:30 - April 1st, 2017 - You do NOT want to miss this!

    27:20 - Susanna’s top takeaways for running a successful non-profit

    28:00 - The importance of staying connected to the end product and the good that comes from all of the hard work scaling a non-profit takes

    29:00 - Finding, and connecting, to donors who will naturally care about YOUR cause

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