• The How, What And Why Of Incremental User Acquisition

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    Finding out the real impact of mobile advertising is vital for marketers if they want to justify user acquisition budgets and optimize results. It’s a challenge made even harder by our reliance on sometimes misleading click and view-based measurements marketers use to gauge campaign impact and return on ad spend. Our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Moshi Blum, Head of User Acquisition at social chat and messaging app Viber, to talk about incremental user acquisition and the data-informed strategies and approaches marketers can follow to make sure they aren’t burning money getting users to do what they would do otherwise. Moshi, who recently gave a keynote on the topic at Mobile Spree, also shares his insights around how marketers can measure real uplift, why organic cannibalization may occur and what teams can do to filter out non-incremental activities that can muddy data and waste bud

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