• The Relationship Between Curiosity and Creativity | Dr. Diane Hamilton

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    Dr. Diane Hamilton is an expert in emotional intelligence and behavioral science. She is an author, radio host of “Take the Lead Radio,” and creator of the Curiosity Code Index - which we will dive into on this episode.
    Curiosity is a topic that is at the core of everything marketers do. We're all about experimenting,  discovering data, and getting answers when it comes to website redesigns, launches, and campaigns.
    What drives the desire to get these answers? Curiosity. And curiosity is a doorway into the mystical peak experiences called "flow."
    In some areas of our lives, we all find ourselves obsessing about how things work, why they work that way, and what we could do to make things better. Unfortunately, the area of our lives that we spend the most time on isn't the one we are most curious about: our work.
    Listen in as Dr. Hamilton discusses the four factors that limit our curiosity.
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