• Where You Need To Focus Ad Spend And App Efforts To Make It Big In LATAM

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    Latin America is a huge market poised for massive growth, where analysts forecast mobile games will be the dominant force by 2019, accounting for a whopping 48% of the total gaming revenues, over $3 billion. It’s a region you need to know better and our host Peggy Anne Salz taps the expertise and firsthand knowledge of Etienne De Guebriant, User Acquisition Leader at Etermax, the leading game development company in Latin America, for a crash course. They cover what you need to know in order to focus spend and craft creatives to acquire and retain users for your gaming apps. But they also explore ways app marketers can adapt the data-driven approaches pioneered by gaming app growth marketers to reach and engage audiences at scale. It’s a lively and candid discussion with Etienne, a Mobile Hero recognized for his user acquisition expertise, packed with advice and observations you can use to make it big in LATAM.

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