• Duane Forrester

    Duane Forrester is Vice President, Organic Search Operations, at Bruce Clay, Inc. As a former Bing Senior Product Manager and search engine spokesperson, Duane brings unique experience and SEO knowledge to BCI. During his tenure at Microsoft and Bing, he served on the leadership team that developed Bing Webmaster Tools. Duane brings 17 years of online marketing experience in start-ups, in-house SEO, publisher organizations and enterprise environments to BCI.

    Duane, who was named Search Personality of the Year in 2014, travels around the world to speak on topics he's passionate about: search, social, challenges and solutions for running in-house SEO teams, and futurism. Duane has served on the board of directors for the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization and has written extensively for Search Engine Land. He has also written two books: "How to Make Money with Your Blog" and "Turn Clicks into Customers."

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