• Gillian Muessig

    Gillian Muessig is a serial entrepreneur noted for her ability to form indelible brands, claim critical markets, sustain fiercely loyal customers, and attract investors and best-in-class talent. She is the CEO and co-founder of Outlines Venture Group. She also co-founded and built SEOMoz.org into Moz.com from a blog site and directory to the world’s leading provider of marketing applications and metrics reporting software. Now it is a global hub for digital marketers. A thought leader in the startup industry, global keynote speaker, author, Gillian enjoys a global reputation for her ability to forecast trends in technology and to help companies develop and package new and existing product lines riding those trends and successfully navigating new markets. A sought-after counselor worldwide, she has guided companies and inspired audience as a keynote speaker in 50+ countries. She serves on boards of directors of technology, biotech, and global marketing firms on four continents and is an advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Gillian is a jump in and make it happen person. 

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