• Jeremy Schoemaker

    In 1995 Schoemaker was an appliance salesman at Sears when a customer offered him a job at an ISP in Moline, IL. The ISP had only Linux based terminals, so Schoemaker had to quickly learn system software, web server management, and mail system management. There he learned a lot of money in a marketplace as big as the Internet. He attended college when there was no such thing as spam or phishing schemes. In college, Schoemaker founded his first business making Macintosh gaming sites. He didn't go to class much and instead took calls from companies wanting to advertise on his site. All these places had newly created on-line advertising budgets. And with on-line advertising, they could see instant returns from their advertising dollar. Later with the help of his wife and her stable income as a physician, Schoemaker broke from corporate life and started ShoeMoney Media Group. From its inception, Schoemaker embraced the mantra "prioritize potentially profitable projects." He is constantly generating new ideas for sites, programs, and marketing; channeling energy into those that truly have the potential for long-term traffic and revenue.

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