• Jonathan Tenenbaum

    Jonathan Tenenbaum is General Manager of NameJet, the world’s leading domain name auction platform. As a recovering lawyer, Jonathan previously served as General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for NameJet while he was a member of the Web.com Legal team. Before working at Web.com, Jonathan was EVP and General Counsel for Solid Cactus, an e-commerce services provider that was acquired by Web.com in 2009. He has nearly a decade of experience in the Internet space with a special focus on domains, e-commerce, online services, cyberlaw and intellectual property. Jonathan has considerable legal experience in domain name policy, serving on several ICANN workgroups, and is currently co-host of the Domain Masters podcast where he helps people become the “masters of their domains.” Over the years, Jonathan has also been engaged in numerous acquisitions, transactions, and projects involving Internet businesses, including Web.com’s acquisitions of Register.com and Network Solutions.

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