• The Real Trump Deal

    Latz, a Harvard Law honors graduate and author of Gain the Edge! Negotiating To Get What You Want, has been studying and teaching negotiation for over 25 years and has been recognized as a negotiation expert by many national media, including CNN, FOX, CBS, PBS, USA Today, CQ Roll Call, among others. In his new book, Latz unveils the secrets of Trump’s real negotiation strategies and tactics. Donald Trump made billions in business and has now negotiated for over a year as President of the United States. How good are his negotiation skills? Find out and learn from his successes and failures in business and as President, as Latz analyzes more than 100 Trump negotiations to vividly illustrate what proven strategies he’s used and ignored. Readers will learn practical, powerful strategies from this easy-to-understand book and better grasp the seemingly unconventional and sometimes shocking and entertaining approach Trump has historically taken to get deals done. Original Air Date: October 8, 2018
  • Mobile Rewarded Video Ads Are Ready For Prime-Time--Here’s How To Get In On The Action

    Mobile video ads are gaining traction as the most effective monetization tool for all app publishers--not just games--because they provide users content they want without having to wait or pay for it. They also get high marks from app marketers since the ad format--one that enhances ads, not interrupts them--can boost retention. Our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Saurabh Bhatia, CEO and Co-Founder of Chocolate, a leading mobile video advertising firm for a crash course in the basics and the benefits. Saurabh also demystifies in-app header bidding, discussing how it works and what app publishers have to gain. Original Air Date: October 4, 2018
  • Thinking beyond meta fields. Modern SEO with WordLift's Andrea Volpini

    If your knowledge of SEO is semantic HTML and meta fields, you're missing out. Creating sites as a builder or managing a site as an operator requires you to keep up with the latest techniques in SEO. SEO is changing though and old-school SEO techniques are still rife within the WordPress community. Join us for this episode of PressThis as we interview Andrea Volpini of WordLift as he discusses how the next generation of web developers are helping their sites win in SEO. WordLift is an AI powered SEO tool, so Andrea is well positioned to talk to you about how SEO has changed and what you can do to stay ahead. If your answer to SEO is to add meta fields to the site you build, you need to listen to this episode of PressThis! Original Air Date: October 2, 2018
  • Culture Your Culture: Innovating Experiences at Work

    Organizational expert Karen Jaw-Madson enjoyed success as a corporate executive before pursuing a ‘portfolio career’ comprised of research, writing, consulting, teaching/speaking, and creative pursuits. As a versatile leader across multiple industries, Karen developed, led, and implemented numerous organizational initiatives around the globe. Today, this East Coast transplant to Silicon Valley (via Ireland and the Midwest) is principal of Co.-Design of Work Experience, where she enables organizations with innovative approaches and customized solutions for intimidating challenges. Focus areas include culture, organizational change, and people strategies. She has a BA in Ethnic and Cultural Studies from Bryn Mawr College and a MA in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. Original Air Date: October 1, 2018
  • Special WWI Centennial Edition

    Jonathan Casey is Director of Archives and the Edward Jones Research Center at the National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, Mo. He has been with the Museum and Memorial since April 2001. Casey was integral to the planning, developing and opening the organization’s massive expansion, which featured significantly enhanced exhibition space and a new research center that opened in 2006. He manages the Museum and Memorial’s two-dimensional collection of approximately 100,000 items and the Edward Jones Research Center library of approximately 10,000 titles. Casey has delivered numerous programs at the Museum and Memorial and in other venues across the world. He has traveled to WWI sites in Italy and Bosnia-Herzegovina, including visiting the site of the assassination of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo on the 100th anniversary of the event in 2014. The Virginia native graduated from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va., with a bachelor’s degree in history and from the University of Kansas with a master’s degree in Museum Studies. He and his family reside in Kansas City, Mo. National WWI Museum and Memorial Soon after World War I ended, Kansas City leaders formed the Liberty Memorial Association (LMA) to create a lasting monument to the men and women who had served in the war. In 1919, the LMA and citizens of Kansas City raised more than $2.5 million in just 10 days. The equivalent of roughly $34 million today, this staggering accomplishment reflected the passion of public sentiment for the Great War that had dramatically changed the world. In 2004, the Museum and Memorial was designated by Congress as the nation’s official World War I Museum, and construction started on a new 80,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art museum and the Edward Jones Research Center underneath the Liberty Memorial. Original Air Date: September 26, 2018
  • Chatbots Can Improve How You Market Your Company To Talent

    The War For Talent is raging as companies across all verticals understand that the ability to attract, develop, and retain talent will decide whether they fly or fail. But companies are bumping up against a new reality in the war for talent: People want to find jobs and work in a way that more real-time and more like a conversation. Chatbots are gaining serious traction as a way to deliver on both counts, and our host Peggy Anne Salz from MobileGroove catches up with Luc Dudler, Founder and CEO of Jobpal, a Berlin-based tech venture specialized in the development of chatbots for the recruiting and talent acquisition. They discuss why chatbots are a fit for much more than customer service and how chatbots are blurring the lines between desktop, mobile, voice, text and--everything (!) Luc also reveals talks about the company’s top name clients in Europe and the U.S. and company plans to expand to Asia using WeChat as a platform. Original Air Date: September 26, 2018
  • The Snowball System: How to Win More Clients and Turn Clients into Raving Fans

    Most technical professions involve hours and hours of training around the profession. This can look like technical training and apprenticeship about becoming a great consultant, accountant or lawyer. Or, maybe the technical nature of the business is a complicated service like health care, brokerage or outsourcing. Mo Bunnell and his team at Bunnell Idea Group (BIG) have created a comprehensive system that shows high-end professionals how to become effective at business development—even when they are busy. Go to www.snowballsystem.com to learn more about Mo Bunnell's book The Snowball System and www.createdemandcourse.com for a FREE video course on how to, yes, create more demand for your products and services! Original Air Date: September 25, 2018
  • Getting the Most from Online Reviews with Starfish Review's Tevya Washburn

    If you're building sites for your brand or as an agency building for others, getting your review strategy dialed in can be the difference between a healthy site churning out revenue and a wasteland of empty carts and absent checkouts. In this episode of Press this, we interview Tevya Washburn of Starfish Reviews about strategies you can use to gain more insightful, helpful, 5-star reviews and use those to improve your business and products. If you've been wondering what to do about your review strategy, don't miss this episode of PressThis! Original Air Date: September 25, 2018
  • Immigrants Build Great Businesses - Eveline Buchatskiy, One Way Ventures

    Gillian & Anne chat with Eveline Buchatskiy, co-founder of One Way Ventures, a fund for investing in startups by immigrants. What was the business opportunity she and her co-founder discovered? While managing TechStars in Boston, they noted their most successful investments were founded by immigrants. They decided to focus on the persona – the immigrant, especially founders whose immigration experience is highly formative. The very fact that a person has left their home to immerse themselves into a new language, culture, and environment creates a character. Dealing with a lot of ambiguity adds to the character. You have no Plan B. You develop the ability to cope with change, grit, determination, drive to succeed, and you work with limited resources in an optimized manner. You do a lot with very little — all positive things required for entrepreneurship. Original Air Date: September 24, 2018
  • Google Ads Test And Facebook Expanding Fact Checking

    Google seems to be testing an ad format on mobile search where they remove the description section from the ad. The ad copy is removed, the only thing you see are the headlines and URL. This was being tested on mobile in the bottom ad units.Facebook announced it’s expanding fact-checking efforts to review the accuracy of photos and videos. Until now Facebook’s fact-checking efforts have been focused on reviewing articles to reduce the spread of false news. Going forward, all of Facebook’s 27 fact-checking partners in 17 countries will also be focused on reducing the spread of misinformation through photos and videos. Amazon will surpass Oath and Microsoft to become the third largest digital ad seller in the U.S. behind Facebook and Google. That’s the latest from research firm eMarketer, which predicts Amazon’s ad growth will more than double this year. As eMarketer notes, the change in projection — up 60 percent from March — is due to a combination of an accounting change and 10 to 12 percent increase in stronger-than-expected ad revenue growth. Original Air Date: September 20, 2018
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