• Make Your Home Among Strangers, Jennine Capo Crucet

    Jennine Capo Crucet, author of several books, including My Time Among the Whites, which is featured at the Miami Book Fair coming up November 17-24. Jennine is a contributing opinion writer for the NY Times. Her novel, Make Your Home Among Strangers, was an NYT Editors Choice book, the winner of the 2015 International Latino Book Award and was cited as the best book of the year by numerous media outlets. It’s also been adopted as an all-campus read at over 25 American universities. Jennine is the author of award-winning short stories as well. She is an associate professor in the Dept of English and Institute for Ethnic Studies at the Univ of Nebraska. Original Air Date: October 30, 2019
  • Funny Man, Patrick McGilligan

    A deeply textured and compelling biography of comedy giant Mel Brooks, covering his rags-to-riches life and triumphant career in television, films, and theater, from Patrick McGilligan, the acclaimed author of Young Orson: The Years of Luck and Genius on the Path to Citizen Kane and Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light. Patrick McGilligan is the author of Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light; Fritz Lang: The Nature of the Beast; and George Cukor: A Double Life; and books on the lives of directors Nicholas Ray, Robert Altman, and Oscar Micheaux, and actors James Cagney, Jack Nicholson, and Clint Eastwood. He also edited the acclaimed five-volume Backstory series of interviews with Hollywood screenwriters and (with Paul Buhle), the definitive Tender Comrades: A Backstory of the Hollywood Blacklist. He lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, not far from Kenosha, where Orson Welles was born. Original Air Date: October 30, 2019
  • Where the Lost Dogs Go, Susannah Charleson

    Susannah Charleson is the New York Times bestselling author of Scent of the Missing and The Possibility Dogs. She trains search and detection K9s, service dogs for the disabled, and comfort dogs that serve the community. She shares her home with a fur and feather menagerie, including a paralyzed pup on wheels named Ruff Draft. She is the author of Where the Lost Dogs Go: A Story of Love, Search, and the Power of Reunion (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). In Where the Lost Dogs Go, Susannah Charleson, author of Scent of the Missing and a trusted chronicler of the human/animal bond, dives headlong into the world of missing dogs. The mission to reunite lost pets with their families starts with Susannah’s own shelter rescue, Ace, a plucky Maltese mix with a mysterious past who narrowly survived months wandering lost. Along the way, Susannah finds a part of herself also lost. And when unexpected heartbreak shatters her own sense of direction, it is Ace—the shelter dog that started it all—who leads Susannah home. Inquisitive, instructive, heartrending, and hopeful, Where the Lost Dogs Go pays tribute to the missing dogs—and to the found—and to the restless space in between. Original Air Date: October 30, 2019
  • Philip Mudd on Black Site: The CIA in the Post-9/11 World

    Philip Mudd, the author of Black Site: The CIA in the Post-9/11 World , addresses how far America actually went to pursue al-Qa’ida and prevent another catastrophe. One tool was an interrogation program of suspected al-Qaida members and other terrorists, known internally as “The Program.” Because the methods might have been questionable by American legal, ethical and moral standards, the work was often done in a web of top-secret “black sites” in other countries outsourced to intelligence agents of other governments. Debates about torture ignited in 2014 after the US Senate published a report of the Program. But the report, Mudd argues, did not fully address questions such as: How did the officials actually come to their decisions? What happened at the detention facilities on a day-to-day basis? And how did the officers feel about what they were doing? Based on interviews from dozens of officials―many of whom have never spoken out before― Black Site seeks answers to these questions and more. It shows the tragedy and triumph of the CIA during its most difficult days. Kirkus Review called Black Site “a revealing and engaging account of life in the shadows.” Original Air Date: October 30, 2019
  • Retention is a Rollercoaster: Here's How App Marketers Can Keep the Wheels on the Tracks

    In a market where the average app loses nearly 70% of its users within one week app marketers are on a rollercoaster ride, struggling to plug the leaky bucket, not just fill the top of the funnel. The challenge (and the opportunity) is to re-engage users early in the retention cycle, and we learn best practices around ways to ignite frequent use and deep loyalty when our host Peggy Anne Salz welcomes Jessica Osorio, Growth Marketing Lead at Mozilla, the not-for-profit behind the Firefox browser on mobile and web. Jessica, whose bold mantra is to "never stop optimizing," lifts the lid on the channels and vendors she relies on to make users come back to the app. She also debunks marketing myths and shares approaches marketers across all app verticals can adapt to up their game. Original Air Date: October 30, 2019
  • Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Strategy by Analysing Your Brand SERP with Jason Barnard

    "If you're building or optimizing sites internally or for clients, chances are you need to have a good understanding of how those sites will drive and monetize traffic. In this episode, we interview the uber-smart Jason Barnard, 'The Brand SERP Guy' from Kalicube.pro, on his thoughts on how you can use the results that appear in Google when people search for the Brand name to help you optimize your strategy to drive growth. Jason shares his thoughts on how you should be analyzing, measuring and tracking your Brand SERPS... and how doing so can help you improve your digital strategy, increase traffic and boost conversions. Whether you already analyse, measure and track your Brand SERPs or not, this episode of PressThis is a must-listen for anyone doing digital marketing for a brand!" Original Air Date: October 29, 2019
  • How to Flip Pattern-Matching to Work for You

    Gillian and Anne look at pattern matching beyond gender lens issues, reminding listeners that good pattern matching habits can be learned. While it is true pattern matching may keep investors from investing in women. But women can develop good pattern matching habits that will help move capital their way. That’s why they examine pattern matching beyond the gender lens. In other words, taking something holding women founders back and turning it around to work in their favor. It's about following the pattern of companies that have accomplished whatever you want to accomplish. Understand their path and the path of similar companies. Follow that roadmap – not slavishly, of course. But be aware and be mindful of what your colleagues are ‘doing right’ in the capital raise area of the business. In this episode you will hear specific actions you can employ to turn the tide your way. Original Air Date: October 28, 2019
  • Learning About User Acquisition From One Of Indonesia’s Hottest Financial Services Apps

    The explosion of smartphones, the advance of commerce and finance, and the growing enthusiasm of young consumers for mobile apps have combined to make Indonesia the fastest growing and “most dynamic market” in South East Asia. But before you take the plunge, you need to do your homework. Our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Kelvin Saputra, Performance Marketing Manager at FinAccel, a financial technology company focused on reinventing financial services in Southeast Asia. Kelvin–a Mobile Hero recognized for his app marketing achievements–gives us the inside track on his local market and his pick of app categories sure to be a hit with users. He also provides us a new framework to find, test and scale the right user acquisition partners for your app. Original Air Date: October 23, 2019
  • SEO 101 Ep 367: Fresh Content Indexing Issues, Local SEO News, and SEO Questions Answered

    John and Ross cover the intermittent indexing issues Google continues to have, news on author recognition, Google Assistant Actions, oddities in local SEO, glimpses into Google’s plans with photos, and much more. They end the show answering 3 questions from listeners posted within the SEO 101 Facebook Group. Original Air Date: October 21, 2019
  • Google Assistant And Google Ads Updates

    Google announced that publishers can now create how-to “actions” for Google Assistant by using structured data. This is an opportunity for publishers to expand their reach to a wider audience on Google Assistant. Yahoo announced that all Yahoo Groups will be shut down on Monday, October 21st, and all Groups content will be removed on December 14th. After October 21st, users will no longer be able to upload new content to groups, but it will still remain on the network. Google Ads is rolling out two new ways to reach your target audiences in Google Search. Over the coming weeks, Google Ads will be launching affinity audiences and seasonal event segments for in-market audiences. Here’s more about each of these targeting options. Gary Illyes from Google was asked if Google search tracks or recognizes authors. He said for Google Search it is more about entities, not authors. But for Google News and Google Scholar, Google does recognize authors. Original Air Date: October 17, 2019
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